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Setting a New Guinness World Record: The Longest Continuous Bar!

As the proud team behind Laser Products, we were thrilled to be part of an extraordinary project that made history. Celtic Marble & Granite, based in Murfreesboro, TN, had the privilege of templating and installing the longest permanent continuous bar in the world, earning them a coveted spot in the Guinness World Records. This remarkable feat took place at the Humble Baron Bar, situated in Shelbyville, TN, within the premises of the Nearest Green Distillery.

The decision to use Liberty Black quartz from Daltile was an easy one. With its stunning marble design, timeless black-and-white color scheme, and exceptional durability, this material was perfectly suited for the project. Additionally, Liberty Black quartz offered the necessary hygienic benefits and consistency required for a bar of such magnitude.

The journey to complete this ambitious undertaking was no small feat. Joe Upshaw, the general manager of Celtic Marble & Granite, shared how the owners of Humble Baron approached them with a clear vision of creating the world's longest bar. After careful consideration, Joe and his team were up for the challenge. Templating was a crucial step, requiring multiple visits to the bar to determine the best approach and gather the necessary measurements.

The bar at the Humble Baron spans an impressive length of 518 feet, accommodating 17 stations and providing seating for 202 individuals. It now proudly holds the title for the longest permanent continuous bar in the world, surpassing the previous record by over 100 feet. Celtic Marble & Granite, known for their impeccable craftsmanship, utilized high-quality quartz sourced from Daltile to construct this record-breaking masterpiece.

The installation phase posed its own set of challenges. With 42 slabs and approximately 30 to 40 seams, Celtic Marble & Granite had to meticulously align and level each section, ensuring a seamless flow from end to end. Our Raptor software played a major role; Joe Upshaw emphasized the importance of maintaining consistent pass-throughs and ensuring a level surface for a flawless result.

All in all a very exciting project. To see the full article please visit Stone World or click this link

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