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Bulletin on Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft is now offering free upgrades to Windows 11 for all computers/tablets on Windows 10, as long as the device meets the minimum hardware specifications.

We strongly recommend NOT to upgrade your computer/tablet that is/are running the Laser Templator software to the Windows 11 operating system. Many users have had no issues thus far, but we are seeing some users experience random disconnections while templating.

If you are currently on Windows 10…

  • When running Windows Updates, DO NOT select the option to upgrade to Windows 11.

If you are currently on Windows 11 and experiencing issues with the Laser Templator software…

  • Within 10-days of upgrading to Windows 11

    • Roll back to Windows 10 – Find out how HERE

  • After 10-days of upgrading to Windows 11

    • Change Bluetooth Power Management Settings – Find out how HERE

    • Slow down the rate of taking measurements to every 4-5 seconds

    • If you are still experiencing issues in Windows 11 after these steps, reinstall Windows 10: Find out how HERE

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