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Don’t wait for your CNC to learn digital templating

If you made the move to digital fabrication with a CNC… congratulations! You are evolving and adapting your business for sustainable success. But the first step in the digital fabrication process is digital templating. So why not begin learning and adapting to this critical portion of the process BEFORE you receive your CNC equipment?

The transition from a manual to fully digital shop can be overwhelming, from training your staff to reworking your entire operational process. Learning the digital templating and digital process side with systems such as the LT-2D3D Laser Templator prior to learning the fabrication side with your new CNC provides several benefits to make your transition smoother.

  • Having a portion of your team go through the transition and learning process rather than your entire team helps eases the potential strain on your current operations.

  • Getting your team fully comfortable and acclimated with digital templating and its best practices will help make the transition to CNC fabrication smoother, from creating cut-ready files to simply overcoming any challenges of adapting to new technology.

  • Pair your LT-2D3D with a vinyl plotter to print vinyl templates directly from your digital files to arrange on slabs for manual fabrication. Understanding this process will help introduce the integration of digitally templated files and your future CNC.

  • Gradually adapt to being able to template jobs faster and complete more jobs per week from a scheduling and overall operational standpoint.

When it comes to digital templating software or countertop template software, one of the main advantages of the LT-2D3D Laser Templator software is its ease of use. Renowned for its user-friendly interface, yet robust editing capabilities, the LT software makes your transition to going digital even easier as it is designed for anyone to use, no CAD experience is required!

Don’t wait to implement the digital templating portion of your operations until your CNC arrives. Master this portion of the digital process beforehand and make it easier to learn and implement the CNC fabrication portion when that time comes.

For more information on the LT-2D3D or to schedule a custom demo, please contact our sales team.

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