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SL-24 Laser Square

SL-24 Laser Square

SKU: SL-24

The SL-24 is the world’s first line producing square and level line laser measuring tool. The compact size and easy set up make it one of the most innovative tools available today. For centuries, man has been content with the simple carpenter’s square and only in the last 100 years has he improved on it with the addition of measurements on the both sides.

Dot lasers were introduced into the construction industry about 20 years ago, but it took most contractors almost 10 years to realize the tremendous savings that they offered even at costs of $3,000 to $5,000! Years of design changes and the advent of the diode laser have brought the cost down to an affordable range that the individual professional can afford.

The SL-24 is not the same type of alignment system and when it comes to square lines, it’s the only product on the market today. But when it comes to labor savings and improvement of quality…it is a product that cannot be overlooked. The fact that many contractors, carpenters, flooring mechanics, brick layers, concrete contractors, or virtually anyone who uses a 90° set-up in their work, can save thousands in labor set-up while improving quality makes the SL-24 the tool of the 21st century.

Includes 1-year warranty

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