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Pin Target Block

Pin Target Block

SKU: Standard Pin Target Block

Most commonly used for setting a 3-point plane with the LT-2D3D Laser Templator. Pin Targets Blocks are also used in conjunction with Pins (standard or short) for measuring to points like sink centers that are not there. Also for templating the front edges of cabinet bases so that you do not need to raise and lower the tripod to get both the front and back walls/cabinet bases.

The slotted scribe block can also be used to find the cabinet base on the blind side of a large overhang of the existing top. Slide the block onto a tape measure, bump the end of the tape against the blind side of the cabinet base that you want to template. Then push the block up to the edge of the overhang. Gently transfer that distance to the top and use 2 “L” targets at the end of the tape to shoot for an exact dimension to the base.

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